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Residential Projects provides complete home/apartment interior and exterior painting solutions. We also assist in choosing the right colors, shades, quality based on our clients requirements.

Restoration Projects

We provides full Internal and external works,  assist in matching interiors, selecting the right type and shade of colours.

Commercial Projects

We provide services for full Structure, internal and external, including metal structures, fire resistant services, anti-corrosive measures.

Professional Painting Services for All Requirements

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Interior Painting Services

A fresh coat of paint can transform any room, whether old or new. It makes a space more welcoming and gives the space an extra dimension about itself. When sunlight falls into the room, the right coat of paint ensures that the room glows and gives the right vibes to whoever uses the room.

However, the right choice of paint needs to be chosen for the right room. For this, you need to ask for the services of a professional who can advise you to choose the right paint for a room. The paint may depend on many factors- how much sunlight the room gets, what is the quality of the walls, how old the building is and so on. The choice of paint and distemper for this too depends on the expertise of the professionals.


House Painting Services

First impression is the best impression. Whether it is a person or a house. The external
appearance of your house leaves a big impression about you on your friends or relatives or others. It may even change your mood as well. So it is very important to make your home look good from outside also.

Apart from the appearance, the outer walls also have to bear the blistering summer heat, freezing winters, rains and also UV rays everyday without or with minimum fading or peeling or even from giving cracks. So, to choose a best paint in your budget, you may need an expert like us. As one of the Best Painting Contractors in Bangalore, we will guide you with the best paint choices that lasts longer and the perfect look of your choice.


Texture Painting Services

Are you too bored of getting one color painted to one wall another color to another wall and white color ceilings ? Are these plain colors not matching your style sense ? Then, there is no better way than going with the texture paints and make your walls come alive by giving them a very unique and distinctive look.

When it comes to texture paintings, there are numerous choices available from all major painting brands such as mosaic/ tile texture, rustic, brick, marble, fabric, wood texture etc., and each of them again having several patterns. With our experienced texture painters who will guide you personally, you can get the best results for your interiors.


Stencil Painting Services

Stencil painting is one of the oldest way of getting your walls painted in an engaging and refreshing manner. One will be able to get their walls or ceilings painted with numerous designs. One will be able to implement patterns or borders or images by using stencil painting.

There are several designs available with us which you can choose from, or our customers can create their own custom design and we will get them created. Stencil paintings are the best alternatives for designer wallpapers. You can make your walls look fabulous with the designs that reflects your personality. We have decades of experience in stencil painting, so we can say that, we give the best service to our clients.


Wooden / Metal / Grill Painting, Polishing

Special paints for wooden and metal surfaces. Wide range of brands and colors available for all types of finishes and budgets.

Different types of polishing of various types of wooden surfaces, depending on the site for a super rich finish and long term protection. We have a special workers team, who are specialized in the wooden and metal polishing and painting works. Apart from providing the best painting services in Bangalore, we also provide wooden, metal, grill painting and polishing services.


Kids Room Painting Services

Do you know, how much impact walls have on your kids mind, such as a bright and cheerful room may make them more energized and motivate them to do their homework. It is very important to get the right colors, images painted on your kids room walls that matches their interest. Because, they literally live in their own fantasy world. If you use it well, it will be one of the perfect stepping stone for their future. In one line, this room has to be most important room of your home.

There are so many choices, themes available for kids rooms. Based on your child interest, you can choose any one, or create a custom theme based on your kids interest.

About Us

With over 15 years of experience, our team is very well structured in technology, process, monitoring and execution. Our pricing is tailor suited for individual property types and budgets, starting from simplest of basic jobs to very very premium finish works for all types of internal and external jobs and all types of property. Our works will add Value, Grace, Protection and Appeal to your precious property Asset, in a time bound, professional and technologically updated manner. We will also assist in choosing right type of painting and color choices.

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What is Virtual Preview System ?

We do not let our customers keep imagining, how would their walls look if they use any particular color, or a combination of different colors.

We take the images of your entire home, then show you in images, how it looks if you use a particular color, or a combination of different colors. You can see multiple color combinations and select the one of your choice. In this way, you can actually see, how your home look with different color combinations before actually getting your home painted.

How much it costs to paint a 2bhk house ?

There are so many factors that affect the painting costs. Whether you are getting the walls painted for the first time or is it re-painting and whether you want the walls to be washable etc., Minimum cost to get a 1000sqft 2bhk home can be around 15,000.

What are the different services you offer ?

We at provide various painting services in Bangalore such as interior painting, exterior painting, wall texture painting, stencil painting, special kids room paintings, wood, metal polish works, wood, metal and grill paintings etc.,