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Home Painters in Hyderabad

home painters in hyderabad

Our painters are proficient in painting both interior and exterior surfaces on commercial and residential properties. The duties of our professional painter include priming of surfaces, removing old or chipped off paint, choosing the right materials, selection and mixing of the right colors, whitewashing and cleanup of job sites.

House painting has become a popular trend in home décor. People are investing a lot more than they previously used to in house painting. Different textures such as soft and Teflon finishes are also available. Longevity and waterproofing of the paint are also an important factor.

Most buyers and designers look for the best quality in paints that are durable, waterproof and preferably stain proof. House painting is evolving today as more and more customers prefer to plan and buy a good quality paint in luxurious colors and designs.

Today, more and more people are opting for an artistic mixture of colors and variants of house paints to give their homes a unique and creative vibe. The mixing of colors, making imprints using a different color or variety of paint, or even an artistic over painting over the original wall paint has become a new trend.

House painting can be considered as a commercial art. With the advent of new advancements in the field of polymers and paints, we offer many new varieties of paints that offer customers a wide choice of waterproof, stain proof, smoothness and luxe paint varieties that can immensely brighten up and beautify one’s home into a paradise.

Kids Room Painters in Hyderabad


Kids’ rooms are special as they can become the child’s favorite memory if made beautiful and homely. Kids love being creative and their room must reflect their creativity and passion. We provide various paints and wall stickers and stencils that can turn the kid’s room into a beautiful work of art and creativity that lives up to their imagination and curiosity.


We provide a range of collections like smudge proof and water proof paint so that even if your child draws to their heart’s content on the walls, they can be rubbed off easily. We also provide themes of glow in the dark type and various glow in the dark ceiling stickers and magnets to choose from according to your child’s desire and passion. We also provide various wall decals of the kids’ favorite cartoon and movie characters that can brighten up the walls of the room and make your child love every bit of what their room has to offer.


We also offer soothing color combinations that can be chosen in various different textures according to the child’s choices and preferences giving a sense of individuality to their room. We offer different types of paint like acrylic paint, silicone paint, water-dispersive paint and ecological paint among others which are available in various different textures and colors according to the kid’s preference.

We also offer a wide range of wall stencils in different shapes and sizes and one can also customize the stencil to a pattern or design according to the kid’s preference to help brighten up the room.

kids room painters in hyderabad

Stencil Painters in Hyderabad

stencil painters in hyderabad

Stencil painting is the new trend amongst homeowners nowadays because of their ability to make a blank wall appear bright, creative or unique. The room or house looks extremely trendy and fashionable due to the various patterns that these versatile stencils come in.

Our stencils involve a different or darker shade of color over the base coat of wall paint. It uplifts the mood of the room or home by simply giving a different and chic look to the wall by painting using cut out industry stencils.

Our wall stencils are a more affordable alternative for home owners when compared to designer wallpaper, large wall decals or paintable wallpaper which is considerably more expensive. The best part about wall stencils is that we can customize the stencils to a shape or design of your liking.

We offer different kinds of wall stencils available in the market that are commonly used for stencil painting on walls, such as modern wall stencils, damask wall stencils, Moroccan bohemian stencils etc., that punch a personality to your room and home.

Our wall stencils are also easier to handle and paint when compared to wallpapers which can be cumbersome and expensive. We offer complete stencil kits that come with multiple stencils in different shapes and designs according to the customer’s liking and choice. A customer can also choose various individual stencil designs and decide the colors to be used for each particular stencil to give their home a touch of creativity and beauty.

Texture Painters in Hyderabad


Texture painting is one of the latest fads in the interior design scene with gorgeous textures giving a new look and feel to your walls and house. Our texture paint collection offers a chance to brighten up your rooms and uses depth, shadow, structure and light in various practical and beautiful techniques and ways. The texture can be simple, complex, subtle or artful according to the buyer’s taste and creativity and our collection has many different options for one to choose from.


Our options among various textures with vibrant colors can make the walls of your room a work of art with a cool and industrial appeal and playing around with different colors available in our collection makes the living space in the house feel appealing and warm. We also have availability of different textures which feel different and appeal to different people like concrete, rough wood, smooth wood, matte finishes, brick finishes etc. which help give a rustic and earthy vibe to your rooms and house.


We also provide options of tile or mosaic textured walls that can give a great appeal and beautify the walls of the house with a unique and eye-catching look. The textured wall paints also provide a unique aesthetic look to the walls of the house. We use various different application techniques to get the desired texture like usage of stencils or other instruments that may be comb-like, to create many different patterns like waves, zigzags, swirls and checkerboards in wet paint of different shades and colors to get the desired effect.

texture painters in hyderabad

Wood & Metal Painters in Hyderabad

wood metal painters in hyderabad


The grills can be of two major types that is wooden or metal and painting them requires careful choosing of the type of paint. The first step necessary is to strip the previous old paint while wearing protective gloves and masks. The surface which may be wooden or metal must be thoroughly cleaned before painting it otherwise the paint won’t stick to the surface and will not last long.


Before painting the surface always apply a good primer to the wood or metal for example a zinc-chromate primer or an oil-based primer. We offer a good collection of top quality primers to choose from for application on the wooden or metal grill. Apply two coats of primers and let it dry well. Next step is the application of paint. We provide various strong and resistant paints in a variety of shades for painting over the wooden or metal grill that are long lasting and won’t corrode easily.


We also have options of spray painting, acrylic color over the grill and also brushes to apply paint evenly on the surface of the wood or metal. Allow the first coat of paint to dry properly and completely before applying the second coat. We also provide various different colors for the second coat of paint according to the buyer’s preference. We also provide sturdy and long lasting waterproof acrylic paint for this purpose in many shades that can be applied in various different ways and layers to achieve the desired effect on the wooden or metal grill.